Glasgow Climate Change Conference COP26 presentation – How did we get here, where to now?

On February 16, the Doyle Inn met virtually for a program organized by the Judge Johnson Group, to hear a CLE on environmental law discussing climate change and the recent Glasgow Climate Change Conference COP26.  Presented by Inn member John L. Watson, the presentation discussed current climate metrics, calls to action, and climate change in pop culture.  Over the last three decades, Speaker Watson has closely followed the United Nations Climate Change Conferences of the Parties, including most recently the 26th Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, in October and November 2021.  His presentation reviewed the international political climate that preceded COP26, outlined the 30-year history of the United Nations’ climate change activities, summarized the outcomes and agreements reached in Glasgow, and reviewed the Biden Administration’s initiatives to fulfill the U.S. commitments to address climate change.

Spencer Fane attorney John Watson square
John Watson, Esq.
The Hon. Eric Johnson