Wheeler Group Kicks off 2020

University Club, Denver – Judge Wheeler’s group presented Eliza Shepard of Livingston & Shepherd, Trial Consultants, LLC to discuss “VERBAL & NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION ATTORNEYS, WITNESSES, JUDGES AND JURIES.” 

[From L to R] Doyle Inn President Becky Bye, Eliza Shepard, and the Hon. John L. Wheeler


Eliza Shepherd assists attorneys on all phases of litigation, providing consulting services from discovery to post-verdict phase of trial. She has been studying juror-decision making for over a decade. 

Ms. Shepard presented a great overview of communication and non-verbal communication in trials in regard to litigants, witnesses, attorneys, and jurors.

Ms. Shepherd specializes in focus groups, mock trials, jury selection, and case strategy. She has worked in venues nationwide and is based in the Denver office of  Livingston and Shepard Trial Consultants. http://lsjury.com/bios/eliza-shepherd/