President Joseph G. Michaels, Esq.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, let me welcome you to the 2021-2022 Inn year, the 36th for the William E. Doyle Inn of Court. What a year 2020 was. What a year 2021 continues to be. I hope all of you, and your families, have persevered.  


Over the past eighteen months, just as our lives have undergone a monumental shift, so too has the practice of law. We have relied on technology more heavily than ever before. Colleagues have collaborated over virtual platforms, and courts have conducted virtual hearings. The pandemic has challenged and changed us—both as a community and as individuals. As an Inn, we have adapted, too. We have leaned on each other, stood tall together, and embraced change. 


The Doyle Inn is Colorado’s oldest Inn. We are full of practitioners from firms big, medium, small, and solo; of judges from the federal and state judiciary; of government attorneys and law clerks; and, of course, of students. Many of us have been members for decades. When I first joined the Inn, I found a community premised on camaraderie, mentorship, and inclusion. These traits exemplify a long and proud Inn tradition. The American Inns of Court (“AIC”) embrace lifelong learning, mentoring, and professionalism. This year, in that spirit, we will promote collegiality and diversity, furthering the AIC’s vision of a legal profession “dedicated to professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence.” When we bring together people of different ages, genders, races, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation and identification, we all thrive.  




We gather each month for dinner and programs ranging from distinguished guest speakers and panels to community building presentations, with a goal of furthering the AIC visionThis year, we aim to return to in-person meetings. Seeing our fellow practitioners face to face enables a natural flow of ideas and community building. Still, we are cognizant of the pandemic’s ongoing impact on our community, as well as of additional—and ever evolving—public health directives. We are committed to following governing health guidelines.  


In order for us all to get together in person, we are implementing the following protocols to keep everyone safe. If you are fully vaccinated, masks are not required for our meetings. You can, of course, choose to wear a mask based on your own personal preferences. If you are not vaccinated—and we urge you to consider doing so— you will be required to wear masks at our meetings and any in-person events. These protocols are based on current CDC and CDPHE guidance. We will adjust protocols as necessary, consistent with the ever-changing conditions. 


For everyone who chooses to attend our in-person meetings, we are so excited to see you! However, we must urge you that if you are feeling ill, please do not attend. Also, as an organization of lawyers, we would be remiss if we did not specifically note that by attending Inn in-person events, you agree to adhere to local COVID-19 restrictions or regulations and waive any claims for personal injury or illness against the Doyle Inn of Court that may arise from in-person programming. While our in-person meetings may look a little different this year, we are in this together.  


The Executive Committee and I could not be more excited for this new Inn year. There is much to look forward to, and we can’t wait to see everyone in person over the coming months. Let us stand tall together and take advantage of all your Inn has to offer. It goes without saying that the more involved you are, the more you get back. I strongly encourage everyone to make the most of your Inn experience; you won’t be disappointed.