An evening discussing Colorado’s Commission on Judicial Discipline

At our April 20th meeting, the Doyle Inn heard from representatives of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline.  The panel discussion included remarks from the commission’s Chair, Liz Krupa; from the commission’s executive director, Christopher Gregory; and from the commission’s Vice Chair, the Hon. David Price.  The panelists discussed the commission’s charge, its makeup, the number and type of complaints it receives, the amount of cases that proceed to investigation and discipline, and the pending legislation making its way through the General Assembly—including the bill’s purpose, scope, and limitations.  An engaging, challenging discussion followed.  Thank you to Judge Goldberg’s group for organizing.

From left to right: The Hon. Gary Jackson, Christopher Gregory, the Hon. David Price, Liz Krupa, Doyle Inn President Joe Michaels, the Hon. David Goldberg, and Wadi Muhaisen.