Frick-Richman Group Presentation on Impeachment

[L to R] President Becky Bye, Guest Speaker Scott Barker, and Shawn Neal.

Denver – In a timely fashion, the Frick-Richman Pupilage Group presented:


A discussion of a newly issued book by Scott Barker.

Mr. Barker is a Senior Counsel at Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP in Denver. In addition to 36 years of law practice, Scott is a historian who has dedicated significant time researching issues pertaining to impeachment. 

Scott authored Impeachment – A Political Sword: How The Johnson, Nixon and Clinton Impeachments Reshaped Presidential Politics  and his latest The Impeachment Quagmire;  available here: The Impeachment Quagmire

The membership was treated to a very informative and interesting talk on Impeachment in American history and currently. 


The members had endless questions and Scott meticulously answered them all,  including hypotheticals, while referencing constitutional principles and the standards and practices in past Presidential and Judicial impeachments in American history. 

Doyle Inn President Becky Bye with Introductory Remarks