Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Boatright and Justice Márquez Presentation During October 2021 Meeting

Our October program featured a tandem presentation by Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Boatright and Justice Márquez, presented by Chief Judge Tymkovich’s group. Their presentation focused on enhancing trust, transparency, and diversity in Colorado’s judicial branch.  The justices discussed recent amendments to the judicial code of conduct, Colorado’s judicial retention and review process, and the drive to increase diversity representation on the bench, as well as highlighting the important work done by the judicial nominating commissions.


(L to R): Hon. Judge Tymkovich, Doyle Inn President Joe Michaels, Justice Boatright, Justice Marquez, and Past President Wadi Muhaisen.







Doyle Inn of Court Kicks off 2021-22 with In-person meeting.

In September, the Doyle Inn enjoyed its first in-person event in over 18 months.  It was a welcome return!  The evening’s talk featured a wide-ranging discussion with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, presented by Justice Berkenkotter and Judge Shockley’s group.  Topics concerned collegiality, empathy & lawyers, restoring trust in government, leadership & changing approaches to governance, Colorado’s opioid epidemic and recent settlement, and virtual practice

L to R: Justice Berkenkotter, Judge Eric Johnson, Doyle Inn President Joseph Michaels, Attorney General Phil Weiser, Judge Darryl Shockley

October 2020 Meeting – Election Law 101

Cyberspace – The Judge Harris Group presented “Election Law 101” for the October Meeting, which again was successfully virtual. 

The presentation was moderated by Chris Jackson (Partner, Holland and Hart), and the presenters were: Matt Grove (currently working at the Colorado Court of Appeals, but formerly an election lawyer for the Colorado Attorney General’s Office); and Melissa Polk (formerly of the Colorado Secretary of State office under Jenna Griswold).

The panel presented a fascinating overview of election law and addressed many timely and important topics. They addressed many timely and important topics including the evolution of Colorado’s mail in ballot system, potential lawsuits involving voter intimidation, the roll of poll watchers, and what to expect with the 2020 election.


Successful First Meeting of 2020/2021: An Evening With the Baseball Greats

Wheeler Group Kicks off the Inn-Year

There’s something about baseball that stirs something in all of us. Whether it’s the sound of the crack of the bat hitting a homerun, the sight of the perfectly manicured field, or simply tossing the ball in your backyard with friends and family, it’s America’s pastime for a reason. 

The members enjoyed an evening of looking back at history through arguably the greatest private baseball collection in America, right here in our own backyard. 

Marshall Fogel, Esq. has amassed an enviable collection, including a mint condition 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card considered the “Holy Grail” of cards, more game used bats than the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Babe Ruth’s very own handprint, a receipt memorializing Joe DiMaggio’s purchase of roses for Marilyn Monroe, and so much more. Mr. Fogel, joined by Doyle Inn President Elizabeth Howard, shared his extraordinary wisdom regarding the history of baseball and shared several remarkable stories and pieces from his private baseball collection; one of the largest private baseball collections in the world. 


  • Marshall shared pieces from several baseball greats including Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Lou Gehrig, and Don Larsen. To name a few, Marshall shared perfect condition photographs of Jackie Robinson from Robinson’s first and last games, a ticket to the first world series in 1903, the ball from Sandy Koufax’s 20th game, and Derek Jeter’s jersey and glove.
  • Marshall’s collection has been on display at the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado History museum, and Yankees Stadium.
While the Doyle Inn hopes to resume in-person meetings in the new year, this was another effective and enjoyable virtual event for the members.

History: First Virtual Doyle Inn Monthly Meeting

May 20, 2020 –  The Doyle Inn made history by conducting the May meeting virtually. President Becky Bye hosted her final monthly meeting by organizing and conducting the event.  The Tymkovich group presented The History and Legacy of the Sand Creek Massacre with Wyoming Representatives Andi Clifford and Sara Burlingame. Tymkovich group member Charlotte Powers moderated the presentation about the Sand Creek Massacre. Two Wyoming state representatives Ms. Clifford and Ms. Burlingame, spoke to the members virtually, from Wyoming.

The topic was the history and continuing legacy of the Sand Creek Massacre for Colorado and the Northern Arapahoe Tribe in the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Representative Clifford represents Wyoming’s 33rd District. She is a member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe and a descendant of the Arapaho attacked by the Third Colorado Calvary on the Big Sandy Creek. Representative Clifford and her colleague Representative Burlingame, who represents Wyoming’s 44th District and serves as Executive Director for Wyoming Equality, discussed the history of the Sand Creek Massacre from multiple perspectives and explored the massacre’s legacy now 156 years later. Rep. Clifford gave an emotional talk about the massacre of her people and the lasting effects.

There was an interactive conversation after their presentation on how Sand Creek’s legacy has affected the Arapaho and White people who live in the region. It was a moving and powerful evening.


Connecting with each other

Message and Greeting from President Becky Bye

Dear Doyle’s Inn,

I hope all of you and your loved ones are staying safe during this time.  While the stay-at-home orders have forced us to cancel this month’s in-person meeting, we can still foster the professionalism and camaraderie that drives our Inn.

Now, more than ever, people are yearning for more connection and social time with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  May I suggest you take this time to coordinate virtual meetings, breakfasts, lunches, or happy hours with your pupillage groups?  I think you’ll find it rewarding and fun.

I know of at least one group that coordinated a virtual meeting by Zoom.  The photo is attached.  If you do have a virtual meeting, please feel free to let me know and to send a picture!

So far, our May Inn meeting is still planned at the University Club, but if anything changes, I will be sure to let all of you know.

Also, just a reminder that the Executive Committee and ex-officio applications are due on May 1st.

I miss you all.


Wheeler Group Kicks off 2020

University Club, Denver – Judge Wheeler’s group presented Eliza Shepard of Livingston & Shepherd, Trial Consultants, LLC to discuss “VERBAL & NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION ATTORNEYS, WITNESSES, JUDGES AND JURIES.” 

[From L to R] Doyle Inn President Becky Bye, Eliza Shepard, and the Hon. John L. Wheeler


Eliza Shepherd assists attorneys on all phases of litigation, providing consulting services from discovery to post-verdict phase of trial. She has been studying juror-decision making for over a decade. 

Ms. Shepard presented a great overview of communication and non-verbal communication in trials in regard to litigants, witnesses, attorneys, and jurors.

Ms. Shepherd specializes in focus groups, mock trials, jury selection, and case strategy. She has worked in venues nationwide and is based in the Denver office of  Livingston and Shepard Trial Consultants.


Frick-Richman Group Presentation on Impeachment

[L to R] President Becky Bye, Guest Speaker Scott Barker, and Shawn Neal.

Denver – In a timely fashion, the Frick-Richman Pupilage Group presented:


A discussion of a newly issued book by Scott Barker.

Mr. Barker is a Senior Counsel at Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP in Denver. In addition to 36 years of law practice, Scott is a historian who has dedicated significant time researching issues pertaining to impeachment. 

Scott authored Impeachment – A Political Sword: How The Johnson, Nixon and Clinton Impeachments Reshaped Presidential Politics  and his latest The Impeachment Quagmire;  available here: The Impeachment Quagmire

The membership was treated to a very informative and interesting talk on Impeachment in American history and currently. 


The members had endless questions and Scott meticulously answered them all,  including hypotheticals, while referencing constitutional principles and the standards and practices in past Presidential and Judicial impeachments in American history. 

Doyle Inn President Becky Bye with Introductory Remarks

Neureiter Group presents Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

[L to R]: Hon. Reid Neureiter, Mark Obmascik, and Doyle Inn President Becky Bye.

University Club, Denver – For the October presentation, the Neureiter Group welcomed Denver Author and Journalist Mark Obmascik who discussed his new book, The Storm on Our Shores, which tells the tale of the battle of Attu,—the only land battle of World War II fought on American soil.  The more than two-week battle on a remote Aleutian island in the Bering Sea ended when most of the Japanese defenders were killed in brutal hand-to-hand combat after a final banzai charge broke through American lines.  Obmascik powerfully regaled the members with the story  through the experience of a Japanese army surgeon who was trained as a physician in the United States, and the American infantryman who killed him, but recovered the diary the doctor was writing before death.

To purchase the book: Amazon or Tattered Cover

More about Mark:

Mark Obmascik is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author of The Big Year, which was made into a movie, and Halfway to Heaven. He won the 2009 National Outdoor Book Award for outdoor literature, the 2003 National Press Club Award for environmental journalism, and was the lead writer for the Denver Post team that won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize. He lives in Denver with his wife and their three sons.

2019/20 Inn Year Kicks off with Presentation about British Legal System

Judge Jackson Group Presents Panel on English Legal Profession and Inns of Courts

Panel from L to R: Jameson Jones, Hon. Alfred Harrell, Doyle Inn President Becky Bye, and Peter Murphy.

University Club, Denver – The Jackson Group kicked off the Doyle Inn year as is traditional since new President Becky Bye is a member. The presentation was “LONDON CALLING – A HITCHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE INNS OF COURT” A stimulating discussion about barristers, the historic UK Inns of Court, and the birth of our Doyle Inn.

The panelists included former Pegasus Scholars Becky Bye and Peter Murphy, Jameson Jones a previous Temple Bar Scholar to the United Kingdom,  and Doyle Inn founder and Colorado legal legend the Hon. Alfred Harrell.  Becky, Peter, and Jameson discussed their experiences in the UK and observations about the legal profession, legal system, and Inns of Courts there. Judge Harrell regaled the group with the history of the American Inns of Courts and the formation of the Doyle Inn, of which he was a founding member. 

Before the panel commenced, London-based barrister Ryan Brennan addressed the Doyle Inn via video message from the United Kingdom. He gave the membership a full explanation about the structure of the English legal profession and the Inns of Courts. 



Barrister Ryan Brennan
The Doyle Inn New Student Members
Doyle Inn founding members Hon. Alfred Harrell and Doyle Inn Honorary Member David Tenner